The Best Lawn Care Schedule for Midwestern Lawns

St Louis and St Charles area lawn care experts share their routine for lawn care services

As we are winding another lawn care, landscaping and mowing season down, we wanted to take time to share our recommended lawn care schedule with clients and friends. We have found that this is a useful framework for homeowners looking to plan out their home and lawn maintenance projects for spring. With our years of servicing and mowing client lawns, we've worked out a rhythm that works well with the St Louis weather and area lawns. 

Each yard's needs will vary, but to make the most of your lawn, we recommend the following projects (or services performed by our team) for your lawn each year in addition to your regular lawn mowing services:

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Lawn Care Schedule

  • Spring Lawn Care (March - May)

    • First mow - typically in late March

    • Spring lawn bed cleanup - Remove debris, prepare and clean garden bed areas.

    • Lay down spring mulch.

    • Apply a bed pre-emergent to keep mulch and lawn beds weed-free.

    • Spring lawn fertilization treatment

  • Summer Lawn Care (Late May - Early September)

    • Shrub pruning (2x - possibly May/June & August/September)

    • Aeration and overseeing

    • Mulch cultivation

    • Apple tree/shrub insecticide

    • Weed pulling as needed (up to weekly)

  • Fall Lawn Care (September - November)

    • Tree & Shrub Fertilization

    • Shrub pruning as needed

    • Weed pulling as needed

    • Fall lawn clean-up - Remove debris, prepare beds and lawn for winter

As you plan for your lawn maintenance, don't hesitate to reach out to our experts. We work with clients throughout St Charles County, St Louis County and St Louis City. We'd love to be your partners in managing your ideal lawn. Contact us for more information and rates.