When was the last time your lawn was aerated?

Lawn aeration is a cornerstone in our lawn care and maintenance programs. The importance of aeration put simply is that your lawn needs to breathe. The more your lawn is walked on or used, the more compacted the soil gets. Having loose soil that is able to breathe easily allows nutrients, water, fertilizer and pesticides into your lawn. Aeration also permits grass roots to extend into the soil in order to grow healthier and stronger.

We are scheduling aeration and overseeding services now for later this month.

We offer lawn aeration in fall, summer and spring, but it is recommended to aerate your lawn in the fall. That way we can get started fertilizing your lawn and adding any other products you prefer the best and healthiest way possible.

Our aeration services will begin in full force toward the end of this month, so be sure to schedule your aeration service now! 

FAQ about Lawn Aeration Services

What is core aeration?

Lawn aeration is the process of making finger-sized holes in your lawn and depositing the removed material on the surface to break down. This reduces compaction, extends the life of your lawn, and allows fertilizer, water, and oxygen to get to the roots where they are needed most.

Why should I aerate my lawn?

Aeration is a preventative lawn care practice. For best results, you should aerate twice a yaer. During the aeration process, we are able to uncover other lawn issues such as mold, mildew, bugs, disease and more. Aerating your lawn can help you conserve water as well - and to save up to 30% on your water & watering costs by better distributing the water deeper into your lawn.

What is overseeding?

We overseed your lawn to help you cover thing and bald spots in your grass. We sow seed into your existing lawn. This process is much less expensive than a full seeding. 

Why overseed and aerate together?

Once your lawn has been aerated, the holes from aerating make the perfect environment for new grass seed growth. Grass seed will germinate and take root within the holes created and also along the grass plugs that are left on the surface after aeration has occurred. This provides optimal opportunity for new grass seed to take root.

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