St Louis Landscaping Ideas

Ready to take your yard to the next level? It’s always fun to look to other yards and gardens for inspiration. Take a look at some of these St. Louis landscaping tips and ideas from around the area!

Pick the right plants

You want to make sure you cater your garden to the St Louis area. The USDA claims that plants must be hardy to -10°F in order to be able to survive the St. Louis winter. (Source) The USDA also has a pretty robust plant database that lets you filter by a variety of factors. You can start with technical stuff like your zone (which you can look up here), sun requirements, and soil pH preferences and then move onto aesthetics. Let’s say you want a perennial plant with showy flowers that will do well in St. Louis weather in full sun to partial shade planted in soil with a neutral pH level. After plugging in those search parameters, you’d get several different results including classics such as some rose varieties along with other beautiful plants such as coneflowers, false garlic, and honeysuckle. 

Fire pits

Autumn is coming and that means it’s time for bonfires. Fire pits are a great way to add a unique element to yard that is both decorative and functional. Here at Hackmann Lawn & Landscaping, we work with some beautiful materials such as natural stone and work with clients to create customized fire pits. The layout can be designed to incorporate built-in seating or leave room for you to add in your own patio furniture. A fire pit is the perfect place to gather around for drinks, s'mores, snacks, and stories. If you need a bit of inspiration, take a look at this great roundup from the Landscaping Network. Bring us your ideas and we can create something perfect for your yard. 

Walls & Hedges

One great way to up to wow-factor of your landscaping is to reveal your garden a little bit at a time. Incorporating decorative walls and separators allows you to reveal your yard piece by piece. Take a look at these gorgeous walls in the Missouri Botanical Garden that give you a peek at the beautiful garden inside:

You can achieve a similar effect with hedges or doors, such as this simple door that provides privacy while still adding elegance to the overall landscape design. 

Make the most of your pathways

Walkways up to your house and pathways throughout your yard provide more opportunities to do something really special with your landscape design. For the walkways themselves, consider something like stone or pavers and work with colors that compliment your yard.


Don’t be afraid to add extra touches alongside your walkways such as decorative stones, shrubbery, or flowers like we did for this walkway alongside a pool.


You can also choose a bolder route, like this raised walkway surrounded by flowers in the Missouri Botanical Garden.

As long as you are choosing plants that will thrive in your region and keeping in mind structural and weather factors that may influence certain aspects of your yard, you can be incredibly creative with St Louis landscape design. Look around for photos and real-life gardens that inspire you and talk to us about what sort of landscaping work we can do for you.