Benefits of Winter Pruning

Most people forget all about their lawn and landscaping once winter hits, but there is still work to be done! Winter pruning is an essential aspect of overall landscaping and yard care. Proper pruning can improve the health and aesthetics of your shrubs and trees. So why should you prune your plants in the winter?

Benefits of Winter Pruning.png

The time is right

Winter is an ideal time to prune shrubs and deciduous trees. Once trees shed their leaves, you can get a good look at the bare branches and structure of the tree. It’s much easier to spot issues and make pruning decisions when you have a clear view.

Winter is also the dormant season for trees. This is important because during the dormant time, any fresh wounds from pruning will only be exposed to the elements for a short time. Also, the trees will be less susceptible to insects and diseases that are more prevalent in warmer weather.

Winter pruning makes your yard safer

Trees and large shrubs are bound to have branches that need to be trimmed and cut back. Overgrown plants can block driveways or walkways, which can create dangerous trip hazards. It is especially important to address dead branches, which can fall down or be shaken loose on a windy day.

Pruning keeps your plants healthier

Winter pruning gives your plants a chance to preserve energy and develop stronger root systems. Trimming shrubs and trees in the winter better prepares the plant for a robust growing season.

It’s also necessary to prune plants to avoid overlapping branches because if they grow too close together, you could sacrifice the overall health of the plant as the branches compete for sunlight and nutrients. A proper winter pruning will allow more sunlight to reach the center of the plant and encourage a healthy growth.

Consider hiring a professional for winter pruning services

Pruning is only effective if done correctly. If you prune too early while the weather is still warm, you could expose your plants to insects and diseases. If you prune too aggressively, you could stunt the plant’s growth. It’s a fine line!

When pruning, it’s important to make a plan before you make any cuts. Removing dead growth may be pretty straightforward, but protecting live parts of the plant can be more complicated. It can difficult to decide how close to make the cut, what angle to cut at, and whether or not the wound requires dressing.

Tools are a crucial aspect of winter pruning as well. Depending on the types of plants in your yard, you may need a variety of pruning tools such as pruning shears, hedge shears, and pruning saws. All of the equipment needs to be extremely sharp to be effective.

Unfortunately, many homeowners start pruning without understanding the basic pruning techniques and without laying out a pruning plan. Tools are often misused or poorly maintained, making them much less effective at tackling the task at hand. We highly recommend working with landscape design professionals like our experienced team to protect the health and beauty of your plants. Request a quote for winter pruning services or give us a call at (636) 688-6647.