Winter Friendly Outdoor Plants

You don’t have to put up with a yard full of grays and browns for the winter months. There are plenty of plants that can survive harsh winter weather and add a bit of color and life to your yard. Consider integrating some of these plants into your landscape design.

Flowering Quince

Flowering Quince is great for three reasons: it’s low-maintenance, it can survive harsh winters, and it adds a lot of color. This deciduous shrub produces flowers in red, salmon, pink, and white that bloom from late winter into early spring. The colorful shrub can really brighten up a dreary yard in the winter.

Potted Blue Spruce

The Potted Blue Spruce is a winter classic. Not only is this plant robust, it has that traditional winter look that will fit right in with your holiday decorations. This evergreen needs full sunlight to grow properly, so make sure you place the potted plant in a place where it can soak up the sun. This winter plant also requires a lot of watering, so make sure you keep the soil around the spruce moist. 


It’s all in the name! Winterberry is a deciduous version of holly and handles winter weather very well. The shrub grows to between 5 and 15 feet tall.  The dark grayish brown bark provides a stark contrast to the bright red berries. Make sure you pair up male and female plants to ensure that the plants produce berries.


Winter Gem Boxwood

If you miss the fresh green colors of warmer months, plant some Winter Gem Boxwood. This shrub works great for small hedges, but will also grow well inside of small pots that can be placed on your porch, line your driveway, or add a bit of greenery to any part of your yard. The Winter Gem Boxwood thrives in both partial and full sun, so you have a good amount of flexibility on where you can place it.


These flowers may look delicate, but they do surprisingly well in winter weather. There are many cold-weather hybrids of the camellia plant that are bred to survive lower temperatures. These large shrubs have waxy leaves and big flowers that bloom in a wide variety of colors. There are thousands of varieties to choose from, many of which result in multi-colored blooms. Camellias do well in pots on your porch or as evergreen foliage for more coverage in your garden.


The aptly named Snowdrop plant is perfect for a winter garden. These dainty-looking white flowers can pop up through the snow and survive extended cold temperatures. Warm winters are actually detrimental to snowdrops, so these flowers are the perfect choice for a cold winter garden. Rabbits, deer, chipmunks, and mice will also leave this plant alone, so you won’t have to worry about winter scavengers nibbling away at your flowers.



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