Caring for Your Plants During Extreme Heat

Summers bring hot weather and call for a change in how you care for your plants. Of course, there is a difference between normal summer heat and the extreme heat that the St. Louis region has been experiencing this year. When heat advisories are in effect, you need to take special precautions to ensure that landscaping in St. Louis, MO survives the extra stress.

plant care during extreme heat

Be careful with water distribution

While extra water is an essential element of plant care during extreme heat, you have to be strategic about it. Try to water your plants in the early morning so that you lose less water to evaporation. This will also allow your plants to soak up more moisture. In order to protect your established landscaping, avoid getting water on the leaves of your plants, as the punishing sun could actually scorch or burn the plants if the water is left on the leaves.

When it comes to watering your plants, consistency is key. You don’t want to allow the soil to become dry and cracked before you add water. The soil should remain moist, but not so moist that the plants become over watered. A good rule of thumb is to keep soil moist up to one inch of depth. During extreme weather, you may need to water landscaping in St. Louis, MO during the morning and at night, after sunset.

Watch for wilting plants

Brown or wilting plants are a never a good sign. However, extreme heat can cause even robust flowers and plants to wilt a little. If you notice your plants drooping a little during the day, check them the next morning, before the sun has come out in full force. If the plants have rebounded, they are getting enough water. If the plants are still wilted and hanging low, increase the amount of water you are giving them.

Provide extra shade

Landscaping in St. Louis, MO is often designed to withstand the hot and humid summers the region is known for, but heat advisories call for extra precautions. If your plants are drying up between waterings or drooping severely in the hot sun, consider proving extra shade. Take out patio umbrellas and move them to shield your plants from the sun during the hottest times of the day.

Water your lawn more often

The first thing people notice about your landscape design is your lawn, so you don’t want it to get brown and dry. During extreme heat, you’ll want to water your lawn once a week, possibly more. The plants surrounding your lawn may need extra care as well. Plants near the edge of your lawn sometimes adapt to the irrigation of the lawn, which causes them to have more shallow roots, so be generous with water for those plants as well.

Use mulch

Mulch is a great way to keep moisture in the soil. You can water right on top of the mulch and the moisture will sink into the soil and then stay there. The hot sun will not be able to directly hit the soil, which means less evaporation and also less heat on the soil and roots.

If you are concerned about the health of your landscaping in St. Louis, MO during the extreme heat, or want to implement any of these landscaping ideas, contact us! Our experts can help customize a plan for your yard.