Fall Yard Care Tips

While autumn leaves tend to be the first thing to come to mind when it comes to fall yard care, they are certainly not the only thing you need to worry about as the seasons change. Your lawn and yard still need a lot of care and attention during these cooler months before being hit by the winter freeze.

fall yard care


Don’t put away the lawn mower just yet

Grass growth slows down as summer turns into fall, but it doesn’t stop completely. Make sure you are still keeping your grass trimmed and healthy. If you start to notice your lawn going a bit brown in some areas, start watering your lawn more regularly. It can be tempting to just let autumn weather take over and allow the grass to brown, but the healthier your grass is now, the healthier it will be when spring rolls around. At the end of fall, mow low. Set your lawn mower blades to the lowest setting for the final two mows of the season. Cutting your grass blades extra low at the end of the season will allow more sunlight to reach the crown of the grass and will limit browning in the winter.  

Aerate your lawn

Fall is a great time to schedule lawn aeration services. The soil in your yard becomes compacted over time, especially after a summer of backyard barbecues and parties. When your soil becomes tightly packed, it can no longer properly absorb water and nutrients. Aeration loosens up the soil, allowing it to breathe and soak up those important nutrients. Not sure where to start? Contact us for a lawn aeration quote.

Leaf Removal

You can’t talk about fall yard care without mentioning leaf removal. The changing leaves are beautiful to look at, but that can cause a lot of issues for your lawn if they are not cleaned up. If the leaves are left on the ground, moisture will cause them to rot. As the leaves decompose, they can develop harmful mold and fungus that will affect the plants and grass underneath. Leaves also prevent sunlight from reaching your lawn, which can cause brown and bald spots in your grass. It’s best to set up a leaf removal schedule so that your yard can be cleaned up a few times throughout the season. Contact us to schedule leaf removal services.

Tackle weeds now

Don’t count on the winter weather to kill off your weeds. Any weeds that are hanging around your yard now are simply soaking up nutrients and expanding their root system. Now is the time to pull weeds and apply weed killers. If you tackle your weeds in the fall, you’ll have a much easier time when spring rolls around. Make sure you research any weed killing products before applying them to your yard. You don’t want to do more harm than good and end up killing off some of your grass in the process. When in doubt, talk to a lawn care professional.

Apply fertilizer

Fall is an ideal time to apply fertilizer. During the autumn season, grass may not grow very much, but the roots do! Fertilizer is an essential aspect of fall yard care because it allows your grass to establish a stronger root system. The stronger your roots now, the better your lawn will look in the spring!

Fall yard care is all about preparation. Properly prepping your yard for the cold winter months will ensure a healthier, greener lawn come spring. Not sure where to start? Contact Hackmann Lawn & Landscape at (636) 688-6647 to talk with one of our experts!