Landscape Architecture St Charles MO – Inspiration and Ideas

Your yard is so much more than a lawn. Landscape architecture can take a backyard and turn it into an artfully designed space where you love to hang out, host guests, and simply enjoy the beauty of your own home. Need a bit of inspiration? Here are some ideas to get you excited about landscape architecture in St Charles MO.


Try a small bridge in your garden

Bridges may sound a little over-the-top for landscape architecture in St Charles MO, but if done right, a small bridge can really create something unique and beautiful in your garden. Obviously, you won’t want to take up an inordinate amount of space, but if you have a larger yard, a small bridge can be integrated into the overall design. Accents such as flowing vines, blooming flowers, and a color that pops will make the bridge a lovely focal point in your garden. You don’t need to have a stream flowing through your yard to make a bridge work! If you don’t like the idea of water in your backyard, bridges can also arch over decorative stones or garden patches. If a bridge built over water does appeal to you, a custom-designed pond or stream can be installed to create a serene scene, which brings us to the next suggestion: water features.

Landscape Architecture St Charles MO – Water Features

Waterfalls, ponds, fountains, and other water features are an excellent way to show off some incredible landscape architecture. Ponds can be dug and lined with beautiful landscape edging made of natural stone or colorful flowers. Ponds open up your garden to new plants that thrive in water, and also give you a chance to add some flare with things such as floating art or candles. Waterfalls can be designed to fit the specifications of your yard. Natural stones are perfect for building gorgeous waterfalls for spaces of any size. For smaller yards, fountains are a nice way to include a water feature in your landscape architecture in St Charles MO without taking up too much space or dominating the yard.

Bird and Butterfly Gardens

Your garden doesn’t have to be just for you! Adding a bird bath along with certain flowers will not only enhance the overall beauty of your yard, but it will also attract some gorgeous birds and butterflies. Bird baths are an opportunity to step up landscape architecture in St Charles MO. You can use the birdbath to create a statement piece in your yard that is both functional and artistic. The piece can be personalized to your yard so that it matches your landscape design. For an even more picturesque garden, add in flowers that attract pretty butterflies. You’ll love looking out into your yard to see butterflies fluttering around your garden.  

Get creative with natural stone

Natural stone is so versatile, making it a valuable asset in landscape architecture. Stone can be used to create artistic patio design, build beautiful and functional steps, create clean lines throughout the yard, and so much more. High quality natural stone is beautiful and low-maintenance. Here at Hackmann Lawn & Landscape, we love creating custom designs that utilize natural stone to create whatever look you have in mind.

So what landscape architecture ideas appeal to you? Whether you saw what you like in this post or not, give us a call! We love creating amazing landscapes. Request a quote or call us ay (636) 688-6647.