Landscaping Design Ideas For Your Yard

Do you dream of having a picturesque yard but aren’t quite sure where to begin? It can be difficult to start from scratch. All of the options can be incredibly overwhelming and make it hard to make solid decisions. Hackmann Lawn and Landscape has a team of professionals that are ready to make your landscaping dreams come true. We can work with you on any ideas you might have, but just in case you’re stumped, we’ve compiled a few landscaping design ideas for you.

Stone Edging & Stone Landscaping

Adding stone edging to your yard can create beautiful lines and break up different sections of your yard. Stones can be used to line walkways, separate sidewalks from grass, or even create spaces where you can highlight certain plants. Take a look at this combination of natural stone landscaping paired with stone edging:

landscaping design ideas

The stones create a beautiful patio area while the stone edging highlights the tree and surrounding flowers. The addition of the floral elements keeps the stone patio looking fresh. 

Floral Walkway

floral walkway landscaping design ideas


Many parks and public gardens use floral walkways to ensure that visitors are constantly surrounded by color and beauty. What better way is there to make sure that you stop and smell the roses than to place the roses right beside your walkway? Look at your favorite parks for floral walkway landscaping design ideas and talk to us about how we can get those flowers blooming all around your yard. There are many options for seasonal blooms that will ensure that your walkway looks gorgeous all year long.

 Garden Archways

Archways are a great idea if you really want to create a sense of anticipation with your garden. Creating an entrance with an arch covered in vines or flowers can set the mood for the entire garden. You can also place archways over pathways within your garden to create shade or to simply surround everyone with greenery.  There are a wide variety of options for style and complexity when it comes to archways. You can start with a simple floral arrangements over a small entrance archway or create a unique structure that makes you feel like you are surrounded by your own personal secret garden. If you’re not sure which archway landscaping design ideas will work in your yard, we can take a look at the space you are working with and help you decide.


Bird and Butterfly Gardens

You can enhance the natural beauty of your yard by designing it to attract birds and butterflies. Adding artfully designed birdbaths and flowers that attract local butterflies will create a space that is a flurry of activity and natural charm.


Creative lighting

Landscaping design doesn’t end with plant life. You can also create intriguing designs with creative lighting. Unique lanterns along walkways or colorful lights beside your pool can take a simple space to the next level. You can also add lights to fountains or water features to create a lovely aesthetic. 

If you are ready to discuss your landscaping design ideas with us, we would love to hear them! Contact us to talk with our trained professionals about how we can make your yard beautiful.