Lawn and Landscaping Prep for Winter

The cold winter months are approaching quickly so now is the time to properly prepare your yard for the season of snow and cold. Lawn and landscaping prep for winter is essential if you want a healthy lawn to come back in the spring. If you put in the effort to properly prepare your landscaping for the upcoming cold season, you’ll be rewarded with a much healthier and more manageable yard when spring rolls around.


Check your lawn and landscaping for weeds

Fight back against any weeds that may have popped up during the warmer months. Weeds that are lurking in your flowerbeds or on your lawn will soak up precious energy that your plants need during this crucial time. Weeds will greedily soak up anything you give them during the fall months, so if you attack with herbicide now, they won’t come back to haunt you in the spring.

Aerate your lawn

Lawn aeration should always be done in the fall. Aeration allows oxygen, water, and fertilizer to reach the grass’s roots. Your lawn most likely endured a lot of foot traffic during the warmer months. All those outdoor parties and games of catch compact your soil and make it harder for your lawn to breathe. Aeration will open up the soil to allow the roots of your grass to extend into the soil so that they can grow healthier and stronger before the cold season hits.

Remove leaves

Leaf removal may seem like a pain, but it’s an essential part of winter lawn and landscaping prep. If you ignore the leaves, they can cause a variety of issues for your lawn. The leaves will block sunlight during a time when your lawn needs to be soaking up as many rays as it can get. Leaves can also develop harmful mold and fungus that will infect your plants. Your lawn and landscaping will thank you your leaf removal efforts!

Keep your lawn mowed

The key is to mow low. You’ll want to trim your lawn nice and low right before winter weather arrives. By mowing your lawn with the lawn mower blade on its lowest setting, you will allow more sunlight to reach the top of the grass. This also makes it so there is less grass leaf left to turn brown during the winter. However, it’s important that you don’t trim more than 1/3 of the grass blade at once, as this could stunt the lawn. If you are worried about implementing the “mow low” strategy correctly, it’s best to contact a professional.

 Seed and fertilize

If you notice any bald spots in your lawn, autumn is the time to fix them. You’ll need to apply seeds and fertilizer to any bare sections in your grass. This is also a good time to do one last fertilizer application for your entire lawn. It will give your lawn a great boost right before the harsh winter weather.

Don’t neglect your flowerbeds

After all the work you put into your beautiful garden, you’ll want to make sure that you properly prepare your flowers for the cold winter weather. Trim back any dried up stems of perennials and cut off any diseased foliage from plants.

Prepare trees and shrubs

For existing trees and shrubs, prune them back to prevent disease from forming. Trees and shrubs will greatly benefit from a fertilizer application while the soil is moist as fall is the perfect time for roots to expand and create a stronger root system. You can also apply mulch around the plants to insulate and protect the soil.  Fall is also a good time to plant certain tree and shrub bulbs that will bloom in the spring. 

If you would like expert advice and assistance on preparing your lawn and landscaping for winter, do not hesitate to contact us