Benefits of Using Landscape Mulch

The benefits of using landscape mulch in your yard and garden range from weed control to general aesthetics. If you’re looking to spruce up your overall landscape design, mulch can be an incredibly cost effective and functional option.

Benefits of Landscape Mulch.png

Landscape mulch helps retain moisture

Adding mulch to your garden will increase the effectiveness of your watering schedule. High quality mulch will not only absorb water that will be released into the soil, it also works to prevent evaporation. This is especially important for gardens and yards that get a lot of sun exposure. Mulch will protect the soil from the harsh sunlight, allowing the plants to soak up the water and build a stronger root system.

Since mulch absorbs water and the force of falling rain, it also does a great job of preventing soil erosion. When properly applied, mulch can protect your seedlings and new roots from being washed away with the soil during heavy rainfall.

Mulch also adds nutrients to the soil

Here at Hackmann Lawn & Landscape, we use high quality double ground shredded hardwood, which is full of vital nutrients. As the mulch slowly decomposes, it releases those important nutrients directly into the soil. We also offer services that involve turning the mulch to promote composting and aesthetics.


Mulch aids in weed control

Weeds can be a plague upon your landscape and garden, and they can spread quickly. Mulch not only helps prevent weed growth, it makes controlling the weeds that sneak through much easier. Landscape mulch serves as a barrier that blocks sunlight from reaching weeds. If mulch is applied evenly, you can expect a lot less weeds, and those that do manage to pop through are weaker and a lot easier to spot and simply pull out. It makes the process of keeping your landscape healthy and pristine much less stressful.

Landscape mulch works to control temperatures

In an area like Missouri, where weather can go from 70 degrees to snowing from one day to the next, temperature control is a serious benefit to consider. When the temperature drops rapidly, the mulch will act as a blanket, protecting plants and roots from harmful frost. When those temperatures spike during the scorching hot summers, the mulch will keep your plants cooler and help prevent water evaporation. No matter the season, mulch protects your plants from extreme temperatures.

Mulch can add a polished look to your landscaping

We all know the aesthetics of your landscape design are equally as important as the overall health of your plants. Mulch is a great way to add a clean, polished look to your landscape. Mulch can be used to create defined lines between borders and edges, something that is much more difficult to achieve and maintain with soil alone.  We use only high-quality double ground shredded hardwood, which can also be dyed brown if that better suits your landscape design.

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