Snow Removal Services: Protect Yourself & Your Lawn by Hiring a Professional

It may seem early to start thinking about snow removal, but snow tends to come when you least expect it and it’s good to be prepared when it arrives. Last minute snow can cause a myriad of problems for your daily routine, your yard, and even your health. While it may be tempting to simply buy a snow shovel and tackle this task yourself, there are many reasons you should consider turning to professionals for snow removal services.

snow removal

 Snow removal is first and foremost about safety

Leaving snow on your driveway or around your business is very dangerous. Snow is slippery enough as it is, but as it gets compacted by car tires or feet, it can solidify and become ice. Changes in temperature often cause the snow to slightly melt and then refreeze as well, which creates incredibly slippery and treacherous conditions. Even when you are walking slowly and carefully, snow and ice could easily cause a very painful fall as well as injuries.

Business owners need to protect themselves and their customers

If you own a business, prompt snow removal is essential if you want to remain open during inclement weather. Your employees and clients need to be able to drive and walk safely through your parking lot and walk on your walkways. If you do not take care of snow and ice on your property, you risk employees and clients getting injured. Whenever there is a threat of snow, Hackmann Lawn & Landscape can come ahead of time to pretreat your property and plow the area after the snowfall. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that you can rest assured that your business can remain open and safe!

Taking on snow removal on your own can be dangerous

Many people think that they can tackle their snowy driveway on their own, armed with just a snow shovel or even a blower. The truth is, shoveling snow is an incredibly strenuous activity. Most people underestimate the physical strain this activity causes and end up overworking themselves. Back and shoulder injuries are common, but more serious heart issues are also very widespread during the snow shoveling season. Cardiologist Barry Franklin performed a study to see just how taxing shoveling snow can be for the heart.

“His team found that when healthy young men shovelled snow, their heart rate and blood pressure increased more than when they exercised on a treadmill. 'Combine this with cold air, which causes arteries to constrict and decrease blood supply, you have a perfect storm for a heart attack,' he says.” (Source)

Think twice before you grab the shovel and try to clear the snow from your driveway and yard all by yourself! Professionals work in teams to ensure that the snow removal is done correctly and safely.

Professional snow removal protects you and your lawn

Lawn damage is also a big concern when it comes to shoveling snow. When you’re dealing with a white sheet of snow, it can be difficult to know when your driveway ends and where the yard begins. All it takes is a few misplaced shovels to tear up the beautiful lawn you worked on all year.  

A professional knows how to protect your lawn

Many salts and chemicals used to melt snow can be harmful to your lawn. A professional snow removal service will now how to clear the snow using materials that will not cause any harm to your landscaping.

Our professionals also know that, when it comes to your lawn, some snow is a good thing. Snow can actually act as insulation for your lawn’s roots. The snow also provides water for your lawn as it thaws. Of course, too much snow, especially on fragile plants, can be harmful, so the Hackmann Lawn & Landscape team is ready to keep a close eye on all of your plant life and ensure that everything is properly cared for during the harsh winter season.


If you are interested in snow removal services, contact us for a quote! We’ll keep your driveway and lawn safe and healthy and your ensure that your business can remain open with safe parking lots and walkways, all winter long.