Spring Lawn Care Tips

Many people associate Spring mostly with flowers, but Spring lawn care is an equally important part of your landscaping maintenance. If you want a gorgeous lawn this season, make sure to follow these Spring lawn care tips!



Clear out dead plants

The cold winter weather will have left some brown and broken grass, dead leaves, and other unsightly plants. If you want your lawn to grow properly, you’ll need to clear out the debris. This will also give you a chance to identify any areas that are looking a little sparse or overly brown. Removing all the dead plants will allow your lawn to breathe better as well, which leads us to the next step.

Aerate your lawn

Lawn aeration is an essential step in proper lawn care. Throughout the winter, soil gets hard and compacted due to cold weather and being walked on, and soil that is compacted too tightly will not be able to breathe properly or absorb nutrients, which will lead to an unhealthy lawn. Without lawn aeration, all of your fertilizer, water, and Spring sunshine will be wasted on tightly packed soil that won’t soak up the benefits. Aeration also allows the roots of your grass to extend further into the soil, which means a stronger root system and healthier lawn.

Add Fertilizer

Spring is a great time to fertilize and really narrow in on any trouble spots you may have. During clean up and aeration, pay close attention to your lawn. You might find that over the winter, some areas of your yard fared better than others. Of course, you never want to rush your first fertilization of the season or over-fertilize, as it will only cost you more money and potentially cause issues down the line. If you aren’t sure if your lawn is ready for fertilizer just yet, make sure to contact a lawn care professional

Create a lawn care schedule

Spring is a great time to get a lawn care schedule in place. This could be the year when you finally have the lush green lawn that looks great and stays healthy all year long. You can map out your general lawn care such as mowing services as well as things such as aeration, fertilization, and even your garden. If you have specific plants in mind that you’d love to see in your yard, check the recommended planting schedules or contact us for landscape design advice.

Don't forget patio design!

Proper lawn care is great, but a great patio can really bring your whole yard together. A beautifully designed patio gives you a place to sit and enjoy your gorgeous yard, so why not take some time to check out some patio design ideas and start working on creating the perfect yard for your home?