Spring Lawn Fertilizer Tips

Spring is a time of blooming flowers, green trees, and lush lawns. Of course, your lawn won’t be that beautiful, lush green you're looking for if you don’t properly apply lawn fertilizer. Lawn care can be sensitive to various factors, such as the season, time of lawn fertilizer application, the type of fertilizer used, and even how lawn care products are applied. If you’d like to see a beautiful yard this spring, Hackmann Lawn can help! 

spring lawn fertilizer


Get out your rake

You might have packed your rake away at the end of fall, but you’ll actually need it to prepare for spring as well. It’s important to thoroughly rake your lawn to get rid of any dead growth that may have accumulated during the winter. You want to make sure that you keep an eye out for any spots that make need special treatment and clear the path for your lawn fertilizer.

Plan out your first mow

No one likes a scraggly lawn, but you don’t want to go chopping away at your lawn too early in the season. After raking, you might find that your lawn has not grown in evenly, which means you can’t attack the whole lawn with the same blade level and expect to have a polished result. You also might want to schedule your first mow for when you plan to apply fertilizer, as the lawn clippings can sometimes act as a natural fertilizer.

Watch out for April showers

We all love the April showers that bring May flowers, but while the rain provides valuable hydration for plants and your lawn, it can cause issues with lawn fertilizer. If you apply fertilizer right before a big downpour, all your carefully applied, high-quality fertilizer could be washed away. Of course, an overly dry lawn won’t properly absorb the nutrients from the fertilizer into the soil. It’s best to time your lawn fertilizer application to be one to two days after a light rain, or after you’ve watered the lawn yourself. After application, you’ll need to lightly water the lawn again to ensure that fertilizer on the grass blades makes it down into the soil.

Don’t rush lawn fertilizer application

It can be tempting to start working on your lawn as soon as warm weather hits, but you don’t want to do too much too soon. The timing of your last fertilizer application before winter hit will affect the timing of your spring lawn fertilizer application. Over-application will not lead to a healthy lawn! If you’re not sure if your lawn is ready for fertilizer or not, it’s best to contact a lawn care professional.

Pull and treat weeds

If you know your yard is prone to weeds, spring can be a good time to start weeding. You can pull any weeds that have already popped up and apply herbicides to areas that you know struggle with weed infestations.

If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us for all your lawn care and lawn fertilizer needs!