Yard Clean Up Tips

Keeping your yard clear can be more difficult than you’d think. Rain and storms can tear up your trees, move patio furniture around, and leave your yard covered in debris. Even if you’re simply doing a routine yard clean up, it’s best to know where to start!

Remove large debris

Start with getting rid of any large pieces of debris such as fallen branches and sticks. Strong winds often cause quite a bit of debris to collect on your lawn. Not only are fallen branches and sticks tripping hazards, but they can also prevent your lawn from getting proper nutrients and sun exposure. This step is also the time to remove any items you might have left on your lawn, such as patio furniture, holiday decorations, or whatever other items might have ended up lying around your yard.

Rake away dead growth

Fall and Spring are both great times to do intensive yard clean up. During the fall season, you’ll obviously have plenty of leaves to rake up and remove from your lawn. Spring will bring more dead grass and leftover plants from the cold winter. No matter when you tackle your yard clean up, you’ll need to clear out any dead plants in order to make room for new growth. Dead plants can prevent your soil from absorbing important nutrients and sunlight, so don’t skip this step!


Weeds always seem to find a way through, don’t they? Even after a harsh winter, you’re likely to find tenacious weeds popping up throughout your yard. Now’s the time to get rid of them! Proper yard clean up means removing weeds and unwanted plants; everything growing in your yard should be something you actually want as part of your landscaping. If your yard doesn’t have too many weeds, you may be able to simply do a spot check and pull out any weeds you find. For more intensive weed removal, consider contacting a lawn care professional. Too many homeowners try to attack the weeds with chemicals without knowing how those weed killers can affect their lawn as a whole.


This step can be tricky. After a yard clean up, you might notice some brown or bald spots in your lawn. You may feel the need to touch them up with fertilizer and grass seed right away, but you never want to rush the lawn fertilization process or over-fertilize. It’s important to know when to fertilize your lawn and how to do it properly. 

Don’t be afraid to hire a professional!

Yard clean up can be exhausting and time consuming. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to contact a lawn care and landscape design specialist! Contact us to work with the experts at Hackmann Lawn.